Where would we be without our ever so popular microwaves, these days? They are so convenient and easy to use, that we often take them for granted. You may use them to warm up a frozen dinner after a long day at work when you don't have the energy or time to cook. You may also use them to warm up a bowl of that amazing chili you made last night. Most popular microwaves can help prepare meals a lot faster than conventional means of cooking such as a stove or oven. In most cases, they will use a lot less electricity as well, making it a lot more environment-friendly method of preparing meals.

Many old microwaves did not have very many features and had few electronic mechanisms used. They often just had a dial to set the time and that was about the extent of their options. Today, they are available in loads of different sizes, colors, styles and configurations. White, black, stainless steel and even finishes such as titanium are pretty standard color choices that will blend in with most modern kitchens and match with most other appliances. Most brands offer a counter top model as well as an over-the-range option. Most of these sit above your stove top and have a built-in ventilation system that ties into your existing exhaust fan for your stove.


  • Quick – Microwaves can't be beat when it comes to a speedy delivery of food
  • Simplicity – They are great for allowing kids to quickly warm up or prepare food
  • Cost – They're much cheaper than a full oven and are often used in countries where ovens do not come standard in the house


  • Taste – The food can tend to taste worse than food that was cooked in an oven
  • Dryness of food – The food tends to be not as moist as other food
  • Overcooked food – They are quite powerful and even an additional 20-30 seconds can leave food overcooked

These days, popular microwaves have a host of cooking options built right into the keypad on the front. Brands like Bosch Microwave and Magic Chef Microwave are no exception. Most new models have a single button for simple, common uses such as popcorn, soup, reheat and even for cooking larger dishes. You can find out more about Bosch Microwaves and Magic Chef Microwaves at these brands' official websites.

Other selling points may include convenient de-frosting features, an assortment of timer functions, and an array of different power settings. As complicated as all this may sound, most new models are extremely easy to use by young and old individuals and come with very well written and easy to understand instructions and manuals. You would be very hard pressed to find someone who could not easily operate a modern microwave. Even children can be taught how to safely use them.

What used to take half an hour or longer to heat on a stove top or bake in an oven can often be accomplished in a matter of a couple minutes with any choice of modern models. Cleanup is also a lot quicker and simpler, too. You often don't have nearly as many pots and pans to wash afterwards. Popular microwaves may have more fancy bells and whistles but they can all make life a lot easier.

Source by Justin Cooke