The Model Malber WD1000 washing machine possesses the combination of dryer and washer. If you are looking to save space in your laundry room, this washing machine will be the ideal choice.

Malber WD1000 cost about $1,050 US dollars today. As an energy efficient washing machine, you will notice that your electric bill is kept to the minimum. One good thing about this washing machine is its compact design. It is 20 7/8 inches deep 33 ½ inches tall and 23 ½ inches wide in measures, ideal for small household.

This machine operates on a standard of 110-volt power. In this washing machine you do not have to take out your clothes as it has a dryer function as well. With just a simple press of the button, you can dry and wash your clothes without the hassle of transferring to another washer. This washing machine also features eight other separate rinse and wash cycles.

This particular washing machine also features the ventless drying system. It condenses cold water through the machine when it runs steaming. Water wastage is minimized. You do not need to place the machine near the window for ventilation purposes also.

This machine featured two separated drying cycles. One is for the normal clothes and the other one is for delicate clothes. The time range of this dryer is from ninety (90) to one hundred twenty (120) minutes timer. Therefore, compared to a gas unit dryer, it'll take a long time to dry your fabrics.

If you're planning to buy a combined dryer and washing machine with quality, you must take a closer look at this Malber WD1000. It uses a standard 110-volt power and there's no need to have any special wiring.

Source by Zach Smith