Due to the demand, a well-known company developed a heating device that looks like a kettle but can provide improve heating ability in a specific area. The Kettlefan was originally developed to be used by military especially during the winter. This heating device is capable of creating a foot of warm air from the floor where most military personnel sleep.

Today, the use of this heating device is being introduced for residential use. The effectiveness and safety of the Kettlefan is perfect for homeowners who prefer a reliable and efficient heating system. The Kettlefan is an environment-friendly heating device that creates its own power by converting heat into electricity from the stove and other types of fuel that is used for heating.

The adaptability of this heating system makes it a perfect choice for many homes. Kettlefan can be used for any type of heating devices. Basically, the motor of it is driven by the heat that is collected from the stove. This is called thermoelectric power that converts heat into electricity which drives the motor independently. The Kettlefan works by pulling the heat from the stove before it goes up in the chimney.

A 12″ blade that is driven by the thermoelectric power module efficiently pulls the heat from the surface of the stove then distributed evenly in a space of 400 cubic feet every minutes. The effectiveness of the Kettlefan is proven by many customers who have already tried this heating device.

Kettlefan also prevents the warm air from being stagnant on the ceiling but it maintains the warm air across the floor of a room that can provide the best comfort especially at night. It's also known for fuel saving, as stated by the Military, the efficiency that it can provide is very high. Aside from being the best heating device, it also saves you more money from reducing the need of buying wood or coal more frequently.

The safety feature of this heating device is also at the highest standards as the fan blades are covered by wire grill that prevents people from touching the blades accidentally. It also serves as the ventilation area that pulls the heat of the stove downwards to create a warmer temperature in the room. The total weight of the Kettlefan is 19 lbs this makes it very easy to carry and move and is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that can perform efficiently.

Source by Tom Shulz