When it comes to searching for the best of all Breville grills, you need to look no further than the Smart Grill BGR-820XL. It has a multitude of features that will make it easy to prepare food for you and your large family. It is incredibly easy to operate and uses some very advanced features. You can easily replace several small appliances in your kitchen by using just this one indoor grill. But, what makes the best?

First of all, it's all about quality. The entire unit is housed in stainless steel which is incredibly easy to clean, very sturdy and durable, and looks absolutely great in any kitchen. If you have used indoor grills before, then you have experienced shoddy craftsmanship. Most indoor electric grills are made of a plastic housing that can easily break and is impossible to clean. The Smart Grill changes all of that – just one quick look and you will be able to tell that the BGR-820XL is a high quality appliance.

Let's take a quick look at some of the key features…

– Adjustable temperature control

A lot of indoor grills simply allow you to set the temperature from 1 to 5 or from low to high. The Smart Grill uses a much more sophisticated dial system with a built in LCD screen. This system allows you to set an exact temperature anywhere from 320 degrees to 450 degrees. This helps to ensure that you get a perfectly cooked meal every time.

– Interchangeable grilling surfaces

With most indoor electric grills, Breville grills included, you are limited to just one type of grilling surface. The Smart Grill changes that with the introduction of interchangeable surfaces. The unit actually comes with two grill surfaces and two griddle surfaces. So, if you're looking to prepare a perfectly grilled steak complete with professional scorch marks, you can use the grill. But, if you want to make some pancakes and eggs for your breakfast, you can just switch out the surface and put in a griddle plate.

– The entire grill folds out flat

Most contact grills work in one way. You put meat on the bottom grilling surface and pull down the top grilling surface so the food cooks on both sides. The Smart Grill is able to work in this way, but it can also unfold so both grilling surfaces are laying flat. When you do this, you end up with a 260 square inch surface – which is plenty of room to prepare several steaks, vegetables, hot dogs and more.

Are there any complaints?

Of course, no product is perfect. The one thing that Breville has missed on this grill is the ability to independently control the temperature of each grilling surface. However, that minor flaw is not enough to ruin your experience. Users agree that the BGR-820XL is by far the best of all the Breville grills on the market.

Source by Nora Belling