So Is the KV25GOX worth buying? Well let's look at the specs to start. It features 10 speeds and a 450 watt motor. This means it's a decent-sized mixer and it should handle most things besides huge amounts of really stiff dough or batter. It also has a nice, big 5 quart mixing bowl. So along with it's proprietary planetary mixing action, you can be sure that whatever you mix in it will come out smooth as silk.

It also comes supplied with a dough hook, wire whip and flat beater, so right out of the box you can get busy making all sorts of scrumptious dishes and desserts for your friends and family. Being part of the professional line, it's been engineered to be significantly more powerful than previous stand mixers by KitchenAid.

As a nice addition, if something gets in the way of the beaters or there is some sort of power overload, the whole machine shuts down. This gives one added peace of mind to use it with confidence. You can even get your son or daughter to help with no fear.

The KV25GOX or Professional 5 Plus as it's also known, comes in a wide variety of colors to ensure it will blend in with your kitchen's decor without any issues. To attach any of the extra attachments available it's a simple matter of lifting up the hinged hub and locking it into place. This turns your stand mixer into a multipurpose kitchen appliance that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

Source by Robert Frankirk