If you are searching for an ionic hair dryer, there is a good chance you are lost in the maze of numerous brand names and varying models flooding the market right now. The days of running to the corner store and picking up the cheapest hair dryer are long gone!

Exactly which one will meet your needs really depends on what type of hair you have.

First up is the Andis ionic hair dryer, with 1800 watts of drying power. It does include the required Ionic technology which delivers a much faster drying time. It also has ceramic heating elements which produce a more even spray of hot air, leaving your hair shinier and healthier with each use. This is a lightweight product that is very easy to use, with three heat and two speed settings. It also has the cool shot button, which is useful to set in curls or other styles or if you get hot while drying your hair.

This is basically a lower priced dryer with some advanced features that will satisfy many consumers' everyday drying needs.

Taking a step up in the aspect of power is the Babyliss Pro Carrera hair dryer. It also features Ionic and ceramic technology, as well as tourmaline gel properties. It has a very powerful 1900 watts motor that operates off of three heat and three speed settings. It also includes the cool shot button.

The babyliss Pro Carrera dryer is a little pricier than many people would like to pay for a hair accessory, but it does have more power and features than a cheaper model. Also, it is important to note that a motor this powerful tends to blow natural wave out of the hair and deliver a very shiny, sleek straight style. That could be a huge positive or negative, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

If you want the ultimate in power, the T3 Evolution hair dryer has a whopping 2000 watts. It also has four heat settings and has a unique set up where the tourmaline gels and ceramic features work together to produce an amazing amount of negative ions. Your hair will be amazingly shiny and healthy with this one for sure!

When picking out your next ionic hair dryer it is important to consider how much power and how intense of a heat level you will actually need. There is no sense in spending big bucks on a powerful dryer that you will never fully take advantage of.

Source by Robin Murphy