The list of manufacturers and models of countertop microwaves seems endless. Microwave ovens have gained many features over the years and if you want those features you need to compare carefully to make sure you get what you're looking for.

Probably the biggest revolution in microwave oven technology was the introduction of the inverter microwave. While in the past microwaves simply turned on and off periodically to simulate adjustable power output, newer inverter microwaves produce true variable power making it easier to microwave even delicate foods without damaging or overcooking them.

What are some of the advantages of inverter microwave cooking?

Most microwaves are barely useful for making popcorn or warming up soup because for any other types of food they just produce too much power and tend to ruin even microwavable food.

Conventional countertop microwave ovens may even provide multiple power settings, but in reality they only pulse full power to simulate variable power settings.

The end result is no matter how hard you try, it's difficult to get good results with anything but the simplest foods.

Inverter microwaves offer true variable power opening the cooking possibilities to all types of foods. They produce even temperatures and consistent textures throughout your food.

You can microwave even delicate foods without overcooking the edges and surfaces. Basically, you can get the look and taste you want with the speed you need from microwave cooking.

When it comes to an inverter microwave oven, nobody does it better than Panasonic. They have several inverter models to fit any size kitchen countertop and your cooking requirements.

Panasonic inverter microwaves come in a range of sizes to fit all budgets and countertop dimensions. With a Panasonic inverter microwave you get variable power in different size microwaves, without sacrificing other features.

What kind of features can you expect to get with a Panasonic inverter microwave?

o Beautiful Panasonic microwave designs that will complement any home decor

o Sensor cooking that takes the guesswork out of microwaving

o Turbo Defrost uses the inverter to defrost foods even faster without pre-cooking them or damaging them

o Handy one-touch Genius Sensor Cooking and Reheat buttons automatically cook a variety of standard foods while adjusting cooking and reheating times so you don't have to

o Pulsing power delivery supports a very useful Keep Warm feature that allows you to keep your meals warm without damaging or overcooking food while you wait for family

o A compact power supply provides more room for your food in a smaller exterior footprint

Whichever Panasonic Inverter microwave you choose, you know you're going to get the right features along with inverter cooking and defrost to help you use your microwave for more different types of meals than ever before.

Source by Mark G Ridgeway