The Indesit IWC 6145 washing machine stands 85 cm tall, is 59.5 cm wide, and 53.5 cm deep. It is free standing so you can place it anywhere you have plumbing available and don't have to build it into a cabinet. It is a front loader and is available in white on white. The appliance has built in safety features that include an overflow device and child lock.

The wash efficiency is rated “A” meaning this is one of the top washers for cleaning clothes. The spin efficiency is rated “B” meaning it is not the best washer on the market for extracting water at the end of the cycle, but it is still good. There are 16 preset washing programmes to choose from based upon length of wash, type of fabric, and degree of soiling. Useful features include a delay timer, extra rinse cycle, and a daily wash setting.

The Indesit IWC 6145 washing machine has specialized settings as well. For example, the eco setting lets you wash loads up to 3 kg, or a half-load, and use 40% less water. The sports programmes let you clean deeply soiled clothing and shoes. You can also choose a special programme for select fabrics like denim, silk, and wool.

The display panel on the front of the Indesit IWC 6145 washing machine keeps you updated on the progress of the wash cycle. Indicator lights signify when the machine is in wash, rinse, spin, and drain mode. Finally, an “end” indicator light will come on and let you know the load is ready to remove.

Users of the Indesit IWC 6145 washing machine have given it a rating of 8.7 out of 10 and are overall satisfied with the performance and efficiency of this washer. Owners like the wide selection of cleaning cycles, the delay timer, and the large drum. Some users complained of the noise made by the appliance and that their garments were sometimes creased at the end of the cycle.

The Indesit IWC 6145 washing machine is a good washer for family use as it is affordable and has settings designed to clean soiled shoes and sports uniforms. It can just as easily handle small loads of delicate garments so it is quite versatile. It is energy efficient so it is inexpensive to operate and can be scheduled to turn on at night when the rates are lower to save you even more money.

Source by Kelly Nickless