Since upgrading your electronics and customizing your home theater setup became a necessity, so did the necessity of getting a GE remote is one the wisest decision that you will ever make. Before you can enjoy all the convenience of device manipulation with the use of one single remote control, you must learn how to program the GE universal codes. It is very true that you will find it very convenient to use this universal remote control but there are a few people who are having problems programming GE universal remote codes.

To give assistance in programming GE remote codes, this piece will give you some guidelines in how to achieve this purpose. The first thing that you need to do is to turn on the electronic device that you wish to operate. Find and hold the code search until the LED indicator lights up. In some cases you should press down the set up button. When the LED indicator lights up, press the button for the device that you want to operate; when you do so the LED indicator should flicker. You are almost done with programming your remote using GE universal remote codes.

To continue the procedure of programming GE universal remote codes, you must now enter the code of the appliance that you want to control. You will find the code list on your GE universal remote control user's manual.

Press and hold CODE SEARCH.

Press TV, VCR or Cable button you want to set up. For AUX, press and release AUX first and then the device to be programmed (TV, VCR or Cable). When the selected device button flashes proceed to the next step.

Enter the three digit universal code: 000


Now try using any of the functions of the remote and you should be setup and good to go!

If you can't find it, you can go online and search the codes that you need on any search engine. Enter the code and if you have entered the right code, the LED indicator should turn off. If you have entered the wrong code then the LED indicator light should continue to flicker. When the LED indicator light goes off, this ends the process of programming your remote using universal remote codes.

You still need to check if the GE universal remote is functioning properly by using the remote control to turn on the electronic device that you have selected. If the remote is not yet functioning, repeat the steps until you have successfully programmed the GE remote codes. You don't need to worry about the remote not functioning. In a common setting you will be able to program your remote through GE codes. If in case you have difficulty, GE has costumer assistance that you can contact which is more than willing to help with any other problems!

Source by Collins Paris