First of all some background on the company: Gaggenau was founded in 1681 by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden. He established an ironworks in the German town Gaggenau, and named the company after the town. It is both the oldest and widest distributed appliance brand and over the years, Gaggenau expanded into the manufacture of coal-fired cookers and some of the first gas cookers. But technology has moved on considerably since then and Gaggenau embraced the changes and has been credited as the leader in introducing European convection ovens, the pyrolytic self-cleaning mode, and 36-inch ovens in North America.

Gaggenau's world headquarters is still located in the city of Gaggenau, Germany to maintain some of the tradition and history of the company. But Gaggenau kitchen appliances are manufactured in several countries across Europe and North America including Lipsheim, France, Bretten and Dillingen in Germany and Boston in Massachusetts.

Gaggenau has over 550 employees in 50 countries and is currently the only manufacturer that offers a combination steam oven with true convection plus multiple humidity settings in one unit for the home chef.

Gaggenau specialises in cutting-edge built-in home appliances. Its portfolio includes ovens, gas, electric and induction cook- tops, ventilation, dishwashers, modular refrigeration and freezer columns and wine storage units. Gaggenau also produces specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki. These are more luxury items and available to customers with a big budget.

Now for some product information: Well some of the appliances that Gaggenau is particularly proud of are the Modular Column Refrigerators and Freezers. They have an unusual stainless steel interior and plenty of placement options. The fridges and freezers also have low energy consumption and quiet operation.

In their range of ovens, Gaggenau's BS 270 Combination Steam and Convection Oven combines the dry heat of convection with non-pressurized steam so that the shape, colour and nutrients and flavour of food are better preserved.

As regards hobs and cook- tops, the Vario 400 Series of Modular Cook- tops feature large, 15-inch Gaggenau kitchen appliances are designed to be able to fit into any size or style of kitchen, even the cosiest of kitchens.

Gaggenau also manufacture appliances for ventilation and the AT 400 Backsplash Ventilation eliminates vapours and odours directly at the point where they occur, which is on the cook- top. They are designed for island units and smaller kitchens and have very high ventilation power levels.

Gaggenau kitchen appliances do not just comprise of big products such as fridges and cookers. They also manufacture small kitchen appliances such as coffee machines. They are available in aluminum or brushed stainless steel and is designed to integrate easily with any style of kitchen cabinet. Gaggenau use a unique conical grinding gear of hardened steel, together with Aroma Whirl brewing techniques, to produce flavoursome coffee each time it is used.

For more information about Gaggenau kitchen appliances, visit their website. It includes more information on individual products, recent news concerning the company and also recipes for you to try out on your new cooker- even if you decide not to go for a Gaggenau.


Source by Braeg Heneffe