Euro-Pro is a brand well-known for creating a diverse array of products that make home life easier. I recently tried the Euro-Pro TO251 6 slice convection toaster oven for eight weeks to get a good idea of the pros and cons. Here is my review:

This Euro-Pro toaster oven can be had for about $60 including shipping. With that in mind, I do not expect it to measure up to the coveted high-end models available today. Upon removing it from the box, it is easy to see it is adequately constructed for its price range but certainly not made with the sturdiest materials you can find. The overall construction is in keeping with its price. This toaster oven is equipped with dials rather than digital controls. It is stainless steel and black, so it will likely fit in with most kitchen decors. It comes with both a baking pan and a pizza pan. This model boasts an interior light, something lacking in most other toaster ovens.

I started by reading the user's manual and saw a burn off period is recommended. This involves running the oven empty at a high temperature to burn off any residues left during production. This is commonly recommended with all toaster ovens. What surprised me was the amount of smoke and fumes emitted during the burn off phase. Having reviewed many toaster ovens in the past, I am quite familiar with the process. This model apparently had much more to burn off than others I had tried. Had I known this, I would have completed this process outside or in my well-ventilated garage. After a successful burn off period, I never again experienced problems with fumes or odd smells. During the burn off I did notice there was little to no insulation on this toaster oven, making the outside exceptionally hot while in use.

On to my first cooking task: toast. This unit is listed as a 6 slice model, so in went 6 slices of whole wheat bread. They wouldn't fit without overlapping, which would obviously impair the ovens ability to properly toast the bread. Maybe using a smaller loaf of bread would allow the slices to fit better. So the test resumed with 4 slices. I was not terribly impressed with the results. It took a long time for it to properly brown and by then it was dry throughout. For the next eight weeks, I used the toaster oven for baking tasks but stuck to my old-fashioned toaster for toast.

When cooking everyday items or reheating food, this Euro-Pro toaster oven does a great job. It is fairly large; it can accommodate a twelve inch pizza. I find that it is just not powerful enough to properly brown foods before drying them out, so after a few failed attempts I was reluctant to cook anything in it that needed browning. Overall, this oven can be a good value for the money, depending on what your needs are. If you mostly want it for casseroles or reheating food, this can work for you. If you want perfect toast or a roasted chicken quarter with an incredibly crisp skin and juicy interior, you may want to upgrade to a better model.

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Source by Heather Krasovec