As Cuisinart TOB-175BC Convection Toaster Oven was advertised as the smartest toaster oven, Consumer Reports also listed it as the top notch and recommended by most consumers. When the first time I roasted 41b chicken, it was very delicious. We also baked our own Flat Bread Pizzas in this oven and they come out much better than in a regular oven. French Fries are better and the Toast and Bagels are terrific.

A local survey in Houlton , ME says that it toast excellently. While some people says that toasts are massive failure in this toaster oven. Actually, its not machines fault neither of people. It's just the manual…

I would give you the solution for that. What you should do is, for the toast; make sure to put the rack in such that the edges are higher than the main portion, so that it basically hangs down from wall slots (you will want to check the diagram in the manual once).

And for two slices of bread, it just says to “center them”. What you really need to do is put one slice in the back of the rack, one in the front. Make sure they're not shifted over towards the right side or the left — they should be in the middle, but with one slice behind the other. Then toast comes out really fine indeed.

We are happy that our old TOB broke. Another great thing about Cuisinart TOB-175 Convection Toaster Oven is that it also has convection feature and it saves so much of electricity. Initially I was amazed at how fast the toaster oven comes up to the temperature I want. I found that it does not take a lot of counter space either and the glass door and interior are exceptionally easy to keep clean. The brushed stainless does not show fingerprints. I love this toaster oven so much that I purchased another one as a gift to my sister as a thank you to her.

We have tried several brands of these toy ovens. This is a great product, easy to use with great outcomes! If you are looking for something that really works like it's advertised -This is it! Cuisinart TOB-175BC Convection Toaster Oven/Broiler, Brushed Chrome. It exceeds all expectations.

Source by Apurv Soni