What is it that you need? frozen treats, frozen yogurt, frozen drinks or perhaps sorbet. Yes the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker can be a multipurpose machine which lets you have 1-1/2 quarts of frozen yogurt, ice cream, frozen drinks or sorbet in only twenty or so minutes, you bet twenty minutes is what is needed. As the machine is a fully automated appliance, the usual salt and ice are not needed to make these different goodies unlike in the good days of the past and no more elbow grease necessary to churn it – that's without a doubt. All that is required is you add your ingredients, turn on the button and very quickly you got yourself a yummy homemade desert.

The Cuisinart Ice Cream maker features a holding chamber, essentially a bowl, which needs to be kept in the freezer cooler for about eight to 10 hours. This should be done to enable the liquid which is found within its walls to become completely frozen. At the bottom is the power base on which is inserted this chamber and inside this chamber is the paddle – the one that churns away. Before the machine is turned on, the top has to be secured to avoid any kind of movement. When the paddle rotates your ingredients can be added into the well chilled chamber via an opening positioned at the top and the ingredients are chilled to any preferred consistency.

This is a totally automatic appliance, fast and efficient therefore it doesn't require any kind of mixing of ingredients or any stirring. It comes with a heavy duty motor and it is possible to make your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen drinks, sherbet or sorbet within about 20 minutes time. It also has a large capacity that is you finish up with 1-1/2 quarts of your most popular desert. The freezer bowl or chamber is double insulated and the paddle aerates the ingredients providing you with a light and creamy end product.

Towards the end of all this churning you can include virtually any ingredients you so want, whether it is sliced fruits, chocolate chips, nuts as well as any other ingredient you want or your kids want.

Just imagine indulging yourself in home made specials for that family dinner or special occasion – Yum! Yes, the Cuisinart ice cream maker enables you to come up with all of this and much more. It is really easy as well as so quick.

Personally the messiest part is cleaning up, but can be a absolute breeze for the reason that chamber is non-stick and permits easy clean up. However if you need to have a desert made in about 20 to forty mins you have to be aware of the fact that the chamber has to be in the freezer in advance. This appliance includes a 3 yr limited warranty. It also comes along with a fancy recipe booklet and in addition instructions.

The Cuisinart Company made their entry into home kitchens around 3 decades back. Consequently you can be certain of their quality.

Source by Maryse Buultjens