I've used a couple of pressure washers over the years so I thought I knew everything there was to know about pressure washers when I decided to shop for a new one for my father (after his old washer stopped working). Well, I got online and started my research. Actually, I just wanted to buy a reasonable pressure washer that would help the old man keep his patio and walls clean because he's a stickler for cleanliness but I ended up trawling round the internet. Eventually, I settled for the Bosch Aquatak 115 plus pressure washer and even though it wasn't exactly cheap, I was satisfied with its function and I still am (I actually “borrow” it sometimes without the man's consent!). Below are reasons why you should consider getting one too.

Highly Efficient Cleaning Action

The Bosch aquatak gives good nozzle performance for a couple of reasons. First let's talk about the motor. It comes equipped with the powerful Bosch series motor (1700 watt) and this is the juice that powers the extremely efficient assemblage. The motor makes the machine ideal for cleaning cars, walls, patios, boat decks, bicycles, etc. secondly, the aquatak's nozzle provides optimum water pressure release and regulation for even the most difficult of task-thanks to the various lances.

The vario jet fan power lance allows you to adjust the nozzle from a wide fanlike mode to form a jet stream. Trust, me, this really comes in handy. The flexi jet power lance also allows you to clean places that are normally difficult to reach and clean. Lastly, the Bosch alloy pump provides robust water pressure (115 bars and also a maximum flow of 380 litres per hour) necessary for high performance. Additionally, there's a pressure adjustment knob that allows you to regulate between low pressure (for gentle cleaning) and high pressure (for rigorous cleaning).

Easy Maneuverability

Bosch definitely had the customer's needs in mind when the aquatak was being designed. This is clearly evident in the upright light design and its user-friendliness. The aquatak weighs just 7.2 kg and even at that, it's equipped with 2 strong wheels. These features mean you don't have to stress yourself when using the aquatak because it's portable and very easy to handle. My dad is an old man and I was particular about getting a pressure washer that wouldn't put extra strain on him and so far, there hasn't been any complain from his end. In addition to all these, the aquatak also has a couple of hooks for hanging the hose and other accessories, making it more convenient for use and storage.

Other Features

In addition to the features described above, the Bosch aquatak 115 pressure washer also has other features that make it a good choice. These include:

· Automatic Stop System:This ensures that the pump and motor last longer in addition to reducing water wastage (very economical if your water bill is high). Environmentalists will love this!

· Integrated Detergent Tank:This is another feature that contributes to the efficiency of the aquatak. The detergent tank only dispenses at low pressure though, a clever one if you ask me.

· Additional Brush and Lance:The aquatak also comes with an extra brush for cleaning places that are difficult to reach. The flexi jet lance and the roto lance also come in handy in this aspect making it easy to clean even the most stubborn of dirt.


I noticed a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, don't lean on the brush attachment because the stem is thin and weak. You won't have any problem if you avoid leaning on it. My dad leaned on it and the attachment broke so now he can't hank the brush on the power washer. However, this does not hinder its operation. Also, the roto power lance is quite powerful so don't use it on painted surfaces.


In view of the points discussed above, I will recommend the Bosch aquatak 115 pressure washers to anyone who needs a powerful washer that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. You won't have any regrets buying this machine because you'll get good value for your money.

Source by Peter Kerl