Fisher and Paykel top load washing machine offers us convenience in washing our mountains of clothes. If you are looking for an inexpensive machine that can efficiently wash your clothes, you might want to set your sights on this brand of washer.

About Fisher and Paykel
This company has been in the appliance industry since 1930's. They started out as a humble company with small number of products. But now, they are manufacturing various appliances meant to make living much easier. It now has three companies under it such as Dynamic Cooking Systems Incorporated which is a company that manufactures cooking machines for indoor and outdoor use. Production Machinery Limited is also under their supervision which is a company that makes production machines. And last is the Fisher and Paykel which is based in Italy.

Why Their Top Load Washing Machines Are Worth Buying
It is the genius of their top loaders that has captivated many customers. One of their bestsellers is the AquaSmart model. Despite the purported inefficiency of top load machines, you will find this a cut above the rest because it can save up to 60% of energy consumption compared to its competing brands. In fact, it can actually save more energy than some front loaders today. It is also efficient in water, which is what its name suggests. It uses 4 Star Water Rating which is the same mechanism used in some front loaders today.

If you need a machine that can accommodate a week's worth of clothes for a big family, you can try their WL80T65W1 model. This can accommodate up to 8 kg worth of clothes. For a top loader that has a very compact design, this is certainly a better choice. Its features can let you have more efficient washing cycle. It comes complete with the amenities that are usually found in front loaders. It has controlled cold function settings, correction of unbalanced loads for fewer vibrations and various water and washing cycles.

Though they have also received their fair share of bad reports and reviews and that compared to other washer brands they are pretty much out of the limelight, this brand is still worth buying. They have incorporated eco-settings in their top loaders that you cannot see in other brands. Rather than purchasing a more expensive front load washer with much similar features, wouldn't you like to just stick to this inexpensive brand?

Source by Zach Smith