The Bosch 500 Series NGM5064UC 30 inch gas cooktop is a four burner cooktop that is available in both stainless steel and black. It is one of the more popular cooktops, but how does it measure up to the competition?

This model has four sealed burners of various sizes which allow for you to use different size pans and different levels of heat from different burners. The largest burner provides 16,000 BTUs which is higher than many other gas cooktops. This is particularly useful if you cook dishes that require high temperatures, for example stir-frys, or cooking with a griddle pan.

Of course it has an electronic ignition as you would expect of modern gas cooktops, but the Bosch NGM5064UC has an additional safety feature whereby if one of the burners should go out, perhaps through a spillage or from a draft, then it automatically reignites. This prevents a situation where gas could be emitted into the air in your kitchen with all the safety issues that this would bring, meaning that you can relax particularly when heating pans on a very low heat.

Another useful safety feature that is not particularly common on gas cooktops is an indicator light to show when one of the burners is on, thereby preventing any burners being left on accidentally.

The grates are easily removed to assist with cleaning, and to make it even easier the control knob are also removable so you can avoid a situation where dirt builds up under the knobs.

The control knobs are conveniently situated at the front of the cooktop so you can get to them easily while you are cooking.

The Bosch NGM5064UC gas cooktop is set for use with natural gas on delivery. However, it can be converted for use with propane. The one downside of this particular model is that, unlike many other models, it does not come with a propane conversion kit. This is available from Bosch at an additional cost. However, this is really a very minor issue for the majority of people.

Overall, this cooktop is a good buy and people who have bought it comment on how well it performs and that it looks good in any kitchen. Bosch is a trusted name for home appliances which are known for innovation and reliability and this product is certainly no exception. The added safety features are a particular plus I would suggest, avoiding any nasty accidents and leaving you feeling secure when using your gas cooktop.

Source by Mark Daymond