Miele is one of the most renowned and trusted brands known for offering extremely powerful and enduring devices for ensuring comprehensive cleaning performance. The vacuums offered by the brand are designed to last really long without any significant reduction in efficiency in years after usage. That is why, despite their significantly higher price tag as compared to the appliances offered by other brands, the vacuums from Miele are considered to provide the best value for money.

Another important thing that sets this brand apart is that it basically manufactures only five main series of vacuity. Of these five, three (C1, C2 and C3) are the series of canister vacuums while the remaining two (H1 and H2) are the upright series. In order to ensure that these vacuums fulfill the diverse cleaning needs of individual users, each type of cleaner comes with its own unique set of features and accessories making up for the lack of numerous models. Discussed below are some important guidelines that can help users choose the most suitable Miele canister vacuum to match their cleaning needs.

Choice Of Right Series: The three series of canister vacuums differ not only in price but also in terms of quality, fit and finish. However, the one thing that remains constant across every model in each series is the great suction power and the warranty offered on each device. The distinguishing features offered by each series are as follows.

C1 Series: The appliances from this series come with a basic vacuum body featuring a dial suction control and semi-sealed filtration system.

C2 Series: These devices boast of a more robust construction with thicker plastics, longer cord and wand, reduced motor noise, upgraded floor and dust brush, crush free hose, improved fit and finish as well as a fully sealed filtration system.

C3 Series: The high-end appliances comprising the C3 series feature a 3-D rubber bumper surround, suction adjustment with toe tap, automatic and fingertip suction control, built-in compartment for storing accessories, fully sealed HEPA filtration system with usage timer and auto-stop tool rest.

Choice Of Carpet Tool: Every single type of Miele vacuum is designed to provide exceptional cleaning efficiency on hardwood and even tiled floors. However, in order to get the same efficiency while cleaning the carpets, the users need to pick the most appropriate tool from five different ones designed for this purpose. These are listed as follows.

• Rug and floor tool is ideal for woolen carpets and high quality rugs as well as for use on bare floors.

• Turbo Brush (205) is perfect for use on area rugs and looped or short pile carpets.

• Power Brush (217) is best for cleaning medium pile carpets and removing pet hairs.

• Power Brush (228) is just what the user need for cleaning high pile carpets, thick, plush rugs and removing pet hairs.

• Power Brush (236) offers functionality similar to Power Brush (228), except that it comes with a headlight and bumper.

Choice Of Model: Having chosen the type of canister series and carpet tool that best suits their needs, the users next need to choose the right model of their Miele vacuum cleaners. This depends on the combination of the carpet tool and the series that the users consider to match their needs the best. In addition the users might need to consider the availability of special tools such as radiator brushes, bendable crevice tools, auto detailing kits, window blind brushes etc. for their specific cleaning needs, with the model preferred by them. Here it is important for the users to remember that, whichever model of the brand they choose, it will come with the full set of tools necessary for regular cleaning tasks.

Source by Prakash Babu